No Dine in. Take out & delivery only.

Nepal- A land of colorful diversity, in its culture and cuisine

Now, Mount Everest Momo Café brings you a taste of the country’s rich culinary
heritage with a delicious variety of recipes, painstakingly gathered from the
royal kitchens of Nepal to the swept shores of South India.
These recipes offer a truly delightful Nepali experience.

Himalayan, Nepali, Tibetan and Indian food

No Dine in. Take out & delivery only.

Monday – Thursday 11am – 8pm

Friday 11am – 8:30pm

Saturday 12pm – 8:30pm

Sunday Closed

“Please Call 2 hours ahead of time and you MUST have a minimum of 5 people.
Call 208-340-0250 to schedule.”

Located near Boise State University